Over the years my work is layered by many recurrent themes. Nearly all are nurtured by my deep love of the natural world in all its beauty and wonder and my continuing exploration of the physical and emotional evidence of the passage of time on that world and our human presence.

I renew myself in the vastness of land and sky and water. I wonder at the beauty of the light of dawn in a desert, but also at the patina of earth and water on a smooth rock, at the bleached ruins of an ancient city, the layers of color of weathered doors or walls.

The markings of time and the elements speak to me in their subtle colors and textures, and in the layering of our collective and individual memories. They are the silent, stilled evocations of what is beautiful and mysterious; the evidence of the continuity of our human endeavors, and yet also of our impermanence in a universe that transcends us.

The content of my work is reflected in the formal process of working and in the materiality of my vocabulary. I use acrylic paint, archival papers and fibers, wood, metal, ink and wax. Working intuitively, I layer, transform, scrape and burnish these materials in evocative abstractions and organic textured surfaces.

The challenge is to achieve a certain beauty and harmony in the work and yet convey strength and emotional power through this unity of concept and process.

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